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    Lexington Kentucky Ketamine Infusion Therapy Center is top rated with 5 star online Google reviews. Our highly trained Ketamine therapy doctors in Lexington, KY provide complimentary online consultations for those interested in starting a new way of life by using Ketamine infusion therapy for depression, addiction, PSTD and chronic or acute pain related health concerns.

    If you are battling with a drug addiction related issue, Ketamine therapy may be the right option for you. Ketamine is also classified as a Psychedelic and is being used by Clinicians and Ketamine doctors to help restore people’s spiritual connection. Psychedelic-assisted therapy is becoming mainstream nationally with 100’s of millions being invested into R&D.

    If you find yourself addicted to opiates i.e heroin or prescription pain medications, Ketamine infusion therapy may be a great treatment option for you. Only one way to find out, give us a call now (859) 440-2260. Our Ketamine doctors in Lexington, KY are very helpful and will answer any questions about the Ketamine infusion therapy process that you may have.

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