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When one begins researching Ketamine Infusion Therapy or IV Ketamine Treatment, one question that may be on their mind could be, “What will I experience with Ketamine Therapy?”. At our Ketamine clinic in Lexington, KY we offer a variety of solutions to increase your quality of life including but not limited to Ketamine Infusion Therapy.

What you’ll find are scientific articles about the “dissociative effect” that ketamine has or blogs about k-holes. So what’s really happening? What does this mean? Ketamine is known as a dissociative anesthetic. Let’s put this in simple terms, dissociation is a temporary state of the mind where the individual experiences a detachment from their environment and may begin to feel separated from their body. Participants have described the experience as like floating in space, with a loss of feeling in their limbs. Doctors traditionally utilize this effect with higher doses during medical procedures to allow the doctors to perform otherwise painful procedures painlessly for the patient.

Initially this may sound a bit scary to someone, why would anyone want to feel disconnected to oneself? How can an IV Ketamine Treatment help with anxiety, depression, ptsd, other mood disorders, and chronic pain? A study by Lukenbaugh et al, demonstrated people with treatment-resistant depression (TRD) experience a faster and longer lasting antidepressant effect in those who experienced dissociation during just one ketamine infusion or ketamine treatment.

iv ketamine infusion doctor clinicThe type of experience one has during the treatment is dependent upon the amount of ketamine given, the mindset of the individual, as well as the setting of the space at the time of receiving the medicine. There are typically four types of experiences one may undergo. The first one may be an empathogenic experience. This experience could feel like comfort and relaxation with reduced ego defenses, increased empathy, compassion, and warmth, increased feelings of love and peace, euphoria, and your mind is in more of a dreamy, meditative state with non-specific colorful visual effects.

IV Ketamine Treatment for Mood Disorders and Chronic Pain

Another type of experience could be that of an out-of-body experience. This experience could feel like a complete separation from one’s body, a significant reduction in ego defenses, visits to mythological realms of consciousness, emotionally intense visions, vivid dreams of past and future incarnations, and or re-experiencing the birth process.

Some more intense experiences that one may undergo could be near-death experience or an ego-dissolving transcendental experience. A near-death experience could feel like the departure from one’s body, a complete dissolution of the ego or loss of identity, reliving one’s life aware of how actions have affected others, with moral judgment of oneself. An ego-dissolving transcendental experience could be an ecstatic state of the dissolution of boundaries between the self and external reality, complete dissolution of one’s body and self (soul), transcending normal mass/time/space continuum, collective consciousness, unity with nature/universe, and or sacredness.

Each experience is different, no two will ever be the same, even in those that have multiple Ketamine Infusion Treatments. The more positive your experience is the more change and improvement you will have in your symptoms and in your daily life. This is why finding the right doctor and clinic is important. At our Ketamine Treatment Center in Lexington, KY our doctors and clinicians are trained to help you obtain a positive, profound experience for your ultimate healing. Our Ketamine Doctors and Clinic is accepting most insurance providers including Medicaid and we’re always accepting new patients! Reach out today and schedule your first IV Ketamine Treatment!

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