NAD Therapy – What’s All The Fuss About?


10 day nad detox center

In the United States, substance abuse and addiction have reach epidemic proportions. Heroin, prescription painkillers, meth and alcohol abuse not only take a heavy toll on the person struggling with the addiction, but also on those who love them. Many people haven’t heard of IV NAD therapy, and while the treatment is relatively new, it’s been instrumental in helping spur many addicts onto the path of recovery.

So What’s NAD All About?

NAD IV Therapy

NAD is a naturally occurring coenzyme of vitamin B3 and it is called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. This coenzyme is responsible for repairing, remodeling and structuring all the cells in the human body. It must be plentiful in the bloodstream in order for a person to have optimal health.

There have been studies that show a strong link between people with low levels of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide are more vulnerable to addiction and certain diseases. An NAD deficiency can cause chronic fatigue, chronic headaches, depression, substance addiction, memory lapses and insomnia.

-Andrey Rossin Founder, Future Now Detox

nad therapy for addiction recovery

How Can NAD IV Therapy Help with Addiction?

For people wrapped in the struggle with drug and alcohol addiction, their body may be broken down from years of abuse. Many with drug or alcohol addiction suffer from nutritional deficiencies or malnutrition, and this results in neurotransmitter imbalances because they don’t eat proper foods or take care of their health. IV therapy can revitalize someone’s poor health and replenish the stores of NAD, which can increase energy, stamina and improve overall body functioning. IV therapy will stimulate healthy neuronal connections to reestablish brain balance, it improves mental clarity and strengthens the immune system and gives a person the energy needed to start the recovery process.

If you are considering an NAD therapy program, we have a close relationship with Andrey Rossin, Founder of an inpatient detox center in WPB, FL – Future Now Detox.

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