Suboxone Clinics Maryland – New Approach To Opiate Addiction

suboxone clinic maryland

We are Proud to Open Our New Suboxone Clinic

Finding a suboxone clinic in the Baltimore area can be difficult because some aren’t accepting new patients and others only take private health insurance. Our program welcomes new patients and people with any kind on insurance, even state Medicaid. We pride ourselves on offering effective treatment overseen by a licensed doctor and we will never fail to help those who come to us in need.

How we use suboxone effectively:

Once you’ve made the choice to find a healthcare provider for suboxone treatment, you should know not all providers can prescribe it. Only about 35,064 doctors are currently trained and certified to prescribe suboxone out of 800,000 physicians in the United States. Our program only uses physicians who have gone through the proper training with the FDA, so you can be assured that your treatment will be effective and safe.

How can you pay for treatment at our suboxone clinic?

Never worry about your ability to pay for suboxone treatment at our clinic. If you’re covered by private or employer sponsored health insurance, we will work out the details and get you approved for treatment. We find many of our patients come to us without having private or employer sponsored healthcare coverage, a great deal of the people we treat are covered by state Medicaid, which we accept. Even if a person comes to us without any type of health coverage, we promise to find a way to help.

Why should you choose our suboxone clinic?

Each suboxone clinic has its own way of doing things, but with our detox program what you see is what you get. We don’t hide important details, we are up front and honest about what it would cost our patients to receive treatment and we are flexible and understanding when it comes to someone’s ability to pay. You should choose our Baltimore suboxone clinic because we vow to provide you with the highest level of care and attention, we won’t stop helping you until you’re fully healed and recovered from opiate addiction. Please visit our new website or call us at 410-777-8900

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