Ketamine Infusion Therapy for Depression

Lexington ketamine therapy for depression

Depression, chronic pain, and other mental health issues have baffled health care professionals for years. Besides being hard to treat, these conditions can hinder you from enjoying a healthy life. However, with Ketamine infusion therapy for depression, these hard-to-treat conditions can be a thing of the past. Ketamine infusion therapy for depression can help you get relief and effectively uplift your moods. It can also help treat resistant depression and minimize the symptoms. For more information about a Lexington Ketamine Clinic, please reach out today!

Ketamine Infusion for Depression

If your depression doesn’t respond to the treatment, ketamine can be the right option. The first step towards this is getting a prescription from your healthcare provider to ensure it’s safe for your use.

While most clinics offer it as a wellness drug, you must speak to your healthcare provider. Alongside depression, ketamine may help minimize post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a mental condition you can develop after experiencing trauma. For information about Lexington Ketamine Infusion Therapy Doctors, please reach out!

Lexington Ketamine ClinicIs Ketamine Safe?

While Ketamine Therapy is effective, more research still needs to be done on its effects from long-term use. Its side effects may include dissociative changes, increased heart beat and blood pressure.

You may also feel disconnected or floaty during the infusion but this only lasts 45 minutes. As for the likelihood of getting addicted, the low doses we use as medicine and infrequent dosing, can not lead to addiction or abuse.

Potential Misuse

Due to its hallucinogenic effects, Ketamine is a drug that’s often abused. If you have ketamine dependence, you may experience persistent psychosis. Misuse of the drug may also lead to overdose, which is harmful to the body and mind.

If you are considering Ketamine infusion therapy for depression, it’s best if you speak to your healthcare provider. This way, you can determine whether it’s the right treatment based on your specific diagnosis and situation. Remember, Ketamine is a treatment, not a cure hence continuous treatment is needed. If addicted to heroin, opiates or opioid dependent, a suboxone clinic may be your initial call to assist with withdrawal, however, Ketamine for depression, anxiety, pain and PTSD may be best option. For information about pain management services in Bowie, Baltimore, Glen Burnie, please reach out! Did you know that Kambo is also an excellent alternative to expensive inpatient detox centers. For more information about Kambo or to find a Kambo Detox Center Near Me, please reach out!

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