Can Ketamine Therapy Work for Addiction Treatment?

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There are many people struggling with drug addiction that have failed at traditional inpatient drug treatment. Some people have better success rates with medication-assisted drug treatment, but still some will fail to become clean. Many addiction medicine specialists believe ketamine therapy could be the answer for treating drug addiction, read on to find out more information. At Ketamine Therapy USA, we use ketamine infusions for various reasons including pain management, depression and PTSD treatment and drug addiction.

Drug Addiction Treatment with Ketamine:

Ketamine infusion treatment has been receiving a lot of attention recently because it has antidepressant effects. Unlike other prescription antidepressants, ketamine causes an immediate antidepressant effect and improves the mood. It’s the hope of researchers that ketamine therapy could help with alcoholism and drug addiction, particularly because it can be a new treatment option that people didn’t have before. Studies published on have shown ketamine is effective at prolonging abstinence from drugs such as heroin and alcohol, which brings hope to people who have not succeeded at other types of treatment.

Ketamine Therapy USA and Heroin Addiction Treatment:

Ketamine reacts on the central nervous system and it creates a calming effect on the human brain. The medication works as an agonist on the same receptors responsible for controlling neuroplasticity and memory. Because of how ketamine reacts in the brain, addiction medicine specialists believe it can play a very important role in treating heroin addiction. When ketamine therapy is administered through an infusion, it could help control heroin cravings which could make it easier for someone to break fee from it over time.

Contact Our Ketamine Therapy USA Today for Further Information:

Although you may have heard nothing but bad things about ketamine, our program intends to change your mind and the minds of others. While it is true ketamine has been used for recreational purposes in the past, researchers are now thinking outside the box and seeing it has genuine medical value. Please contact Ketamine Therapy USA now to find out information about how ketamine infusion therapy can change your life and give you a new lease on the future.

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