Is NAD Therapy The Missing Link in Addiction Treatment?

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Drug and alcohol addiction create chemical changes in the human brain, producing fluctuations in brain synapses and interference in connections. When someone stops using drugs and alcohol, it starts the body going through detoxification or withdrawal. During cessation of drugs or alcohol, the human brain will start trying to heal itself and rid the body of the harmful chemicals of substance abuse. Could NAD therapy be helpful for treating addiction issues?

Is NAD Therapy Useful for Withdrawal Symptoms?

Withdrawal symptoms will happen during the cessation of addictive substances and it can become very uncomfortable for the user. Withdrawal produces different effects depending on the substance a person has used, their overall health and the length of addiction. Providing NAD therapy for someone going through withdrawal symptoms could improve health, reduce cravings and motivate them to start the recovery process.

How Does NAD Therapy Work?

NAD or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide therapy delivers vitamins, minerals and amino acids to the brain through an intravenous route, in order to help repair the damage done by drug or alcohol addiction. NAD can improve the function of neurotransmitters in the brain, all of which contribute to sleep, mood and concentration. These same neurotransmitters are depleted when addictive substances are removed from the body and the goal of IV NAD therapy is to correct these imbalances and help someone enter the healing phase of recovery.

Is NAD Detox Right for You?

NAD provides cellular growth and repair throughout the body and particularly in the brain, where drugs and alcohol wreak havoc. If you or a loved one is dealing with substance abuse and trying to quit, NAD IV therapy could be the first step to making freedom from addiction become a reality.

It’s true you may have tried and failed at other treatment options, but NAD therapy could be what works for you. The entire therapeutic approach of using natural, coenzyme therapy is safe and effective, so please don’t be afraid to consider it for your own healing and recovery.

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