Ketamine for depression addiction mental health

Ketamine Therapy Prescribed for Mental Health Illnesses

Ketamine Infusion Therapy is making an impact in the mental health crisis that our country is seeing. At our Ketamine clinic in Lexington, KY we have doctors and clinicians specialized in guiding you through your inner healing. We have all experienced trauma, some more intense than others. We are made of energy and energy is always in movement and transforming as are we all. Transformation isn’t easy. When we’re going through our healing process we’re transforming, we’re growing, we’re expanding. This process is somewhat difficult. You are being reborn. Think of the process of a woman birthing a child into the world. That is one of life’s biggest transformations that a woman, man, and child goes through. The woman’s body has to expand to its fullest potential, the hearts’ of the man and wo...

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